United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks
Thursday, September 03, 2015

Body Building

Root Down

Come Together

Divide and Conquer

Reaching the Other Side

Crossing Over to the Other Side

Starting Small

When We Have Faith

When In The Presence

Winds of Change

Who, Me?

Overcoming The World

The Mission of Love

The Terms of Love

The League of Righteousness

The Fellowship of Christ

Easter 2015-The Easter Promise

The Story of God and Us: A New Covenant

Take Thou Authority

The Story of God and Us: Abraham's Blessing

The Story of God and Us: Rainbows

Chasing Jesus: Disarmed

Chasing Jesus: Moving On

Chasing Jesus: Getting Noticed

Setting Out


What Comes Next

Rejoice In What You Find

Three Gift, One Christ: Myrrh

Three Gifts, One Christ: Frankincense

Three Gifts, One Christ: Gold

Three Gifts, One Christ: Unworthy

The King is Among Us

Faith Not Fear

From Selfie to Selfless

Choosing Sides: Standing With the Faithful

Choosing Sides: The Temple or Jesus?

Choosing Sides: The Emperor or Jesus?

Peace of Christ

Growing in Christ

Living for Christ

Romans Holiday: We Belong to God

Romans Holiday: Community

Romans Holiday: Renewal

Romans Holiday: Called

Making the Most of Your Journey

Romans Holiday:Superheroes

Romans Holiday: Adopted

Romans Holiday: Christ In You

Romans Holiday: Roadblocks and Detours


Romans Holiday: A New Reality

Romans Holiday: Faith

The Sounds of Pentecost

True Believers: One

True Believers: Love

True Believers: Comfort

True Believers: Belonging

True Believers: Disappointment

True Believers: Doubt 

Faith Beginnings: Believe!

Faith Beginnings: Proclaim

Faith Beginnings: New Life

Faith Beginnings: Repentance

Faith Beginnings: Affirmation

Faith Beginnings: Trust

Faith Beginnings: Sin

Who Do We Listen To?

Me, Myself & God

Follow the Leader

How Much Salt?

What is Required?

UMW Sunday: Faith and Hope

Finding A New Song: Where Do You Stand?

Finding A New Song: Who Will You Search With?

It's a Wonderful Life: Tell

It's a Wonderful Life: Believe In It

It's A Wonderful Life: Hope In It

It's A Wonderful Life: Endure It

Today, In Paradise

Stand Alone: Trampled

The Jonah Factor: The Heart of God

Are You Listening?

The Jonah Factor: Success

The Jonah Factor: Course Correction

The Jonah Factor: Running Away

Antidote for the Modern Pharisee: Faith

Antidote for the Modern Pharisee: Listening

Antidote for the Modern Pharisee: Rejoicing

Antidote for the Modern Pharisee: Following Jesus

Antidote for the Modern Pharisee: Embracing Humility

Mutual Submission

New Clothes

The New Life

Rooted in Christ

Encouraging Words

Reflection and Commitment

Impossible Odds

Share Your Treasure

Jesus and the Sinners

Carried to the Table

Greater Than Jesus?

Engage Me II

Engage Me

Remind Me

Show Me

No Idle Tale

Finding Our Hearts in the Crowd

Finding Out Hearts in Worship

Finding Our Hearts in Joy

Finding Our Hearts in Christ

Finding Our Hearts in God